Rachael goes to Zambia

A Fundraiser for Mission: Zambia 2015

I will be heading to Zambia for four weeks to work with children teaching them life skills and loving them as Christ would.

I am super excited to be able to return back to the wonderful continent of Africa! I will be going with a lovely team of 4 other beautiful ladies. I am very excited to be working with children as I love children very much! I am so passionate about youth groups and teaching children about God and I cannot wait to do that in Zambia. Last time, when I was in Malawi I got to see how much AIDS and not knowing enough about sex can truly harm families. I am thrilled to be able to help others to be more aware of these factors in order to help them and their families and in the process being able to share the love of the Lord with them. I cannot wait to see how God is going to work in the team and in the people that we work with. I am very excited to go along this journey with you all and see how God can impact so many lives from this one trip.

Your prayers, encouragement, love, and financial support are truly a blessing to me and I thank you for all you have already done and all you will do. Please feel free to donate any amount becuase God can do much with little, but I also have a lot to raise so donate as much as you can for the kingdom of God! As well, please pray for me as we go on this wonderful adventure for God.

Thanks for coming on the journey with me!

- Rachael Smith 

Fundraiser Updates

  • Tonight we had the fundraiser of Zumba for Zambia! We had a great turn out! It was a lot of fun. I had never done Zumba before but it was a lot of fun! My grandma has a friend who teaches Zumba, Kathy, and she volunteered her time and services to teach which was very kind and amazing of her to do, I really appreciated it! 

    Many ladies came, of all different ages, which was nice to see! I had some friends come, so did my mother, and so did my grandmother, so people from all ages came! 

    This fundriaser raised over $800 which means that I am almost done my fundraising! So thank you to all who came and supported myself and my team! It was grealty appreciated! I loves looking around and seeing so many people having fun, and some ladies doing who knows what- definitaly not the dance that Kathy was telling us to do, that's for sure.

    I just wanted to give a big shout out and a massive thank you to not only Kathy who ran the Zumba, but also to my lovely grandma who put this event all together and sold so many tickets. As well, a great big thank you to my mother who also did a lot of work for this event and sold countless tickets! Love you two!! <3

    Thanks to all who came and to all who have supported me!


    Rachael Smith 

  • On Monday and Tuesday all of the Tyndale missions teams came together and we had our orientation. It made this trip seem very well to train and prepare for the trip. On the first night of training we got to do some team bonding. We decided on going to The Hub Climbing Gym for our team bonding which I was very excited about since I love climbing. Since I've been climbing for a long time and have taught it before they asked me to facilitate some team bonding through some climbing games. So we broke off into pairs and we took turns with one partner on the wall climbing across with their eyes closed while their partner was their eyes and told them where to put their hands and feet to move across the wall. It was a very fun way to work on our communication as a team as well as pushing ourselves. We had a lot of laughs and now we are all super comfotable with each other and starting to become very good friends! I am so excited to go on this trip and to get closer to these girls! 

    Just need to raise about $1,000 more and then this trip will become more of a reality! 29 days until the trip! 



    Rachael Smith

  • Today my Mom hosted a Pampered Chef fundraising party at our house with my cousin Val being the consultant. Some of my family and friends came out and supported my trip by buying Pampered Chef articles. The way it worked was that a percent of the final profits support my trip. It was a wonderful time with a lot of laughs and eating great food. There were some kids that came and who were also very excited to get into helping and trying out the products! Overall it was a great time, thanks to everyone who came and thanks to my family for all of their help in planning and running it. 


    This Friday, at 7pm, we are having another fundraiser in which a Zumba class will be put on. $15 to buy a ticket before hand or $20 at the door. The event is happening at Bradford Alliance Church. If you would like to come or would like more information please let me know @ rachael.smith20@gmail.com 


    Thanks for all of your love, support, and prayer!


    Rachael Smith 

  • It seems liek forver since I was in Malwai. I cannot believe that it is just over 6 years ago that I was in Malawi. I still remember the long flight there and being so excited to go that I did not sleep for the first two flights and then crashed of exhaustion on the third flight. I do not remember the third flight since I was so exhausted. 

    I rememeber how shy I was while I was there and I was so scared to dance with the ladies in the village since I did not want to do the dance wrong. I remember how good the donuts were that the widows in the slums made for revenue, they were SO GOOD! I remember how fun and loving the little kidlets were while I was there playing with them. And I remember getting sun burnt on a cloudy day- pale kid problems. But most importantly I remember how much the people of the slums trusted God with all they are. Since they had no doctors to go to the instant they got sick they prayed and trusted in God. I remember how amazing their trust in Him was. 

    I cannot wait to see the similarities and the differences between the people in Malawi and the people in Zambia. 

    Rachael Smith 

  • I keep saying this, but man time flies! I can't believe that we are half way there! This morning our team had a meeting and we talked about some more of our ideas for fundraising! I'm so excited for the new fundrasising ideas that we have, so excited to see the ideas come to life! 

    Thanks to everyone to have been praying for my team and I. Your prayers mean so much to us. That sounds very cliche but it is so true! Just knowing that people all around the place are praying for us brings so much confort and peace!

    All of us ar slowly raising money and reaching the goal amount which is a great feeling and this whole trip is starting to feel real. Sometimes it just feels like a dream world that we are in that we get to go. 

    THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has financially supported myself, or the overall team! We cannot do thsi trip without you, you are a big part of the trip, again that sounds cliche but again its very true. It's hard to imagne as University Students how much money this trip is because we all know that we do not have money for something like this but it's amazing that you all are able to support us in the call God has given to us. 

    Stay tuned to hear all about the upcoming fundraisers, they are going to be so much fun! 


    Rachael Smith  

  • Hey everyone so the first deadline is slowly approaching! Man time flies when you have deadlines, but when you are looking forward to something then time goes by so slowly! 

    First off thanks to eveyone who has already supported me and the team with prayers and with you offering of money. 

    In four days the first due date approaches and I personally need to raise $1,43o and that will all be possible with your help! If you would rather donate to the whole team that would be greatly appreciated! 

    Thanks so much, God bless,



  • Wow time flies! I cannot believe how fast time has gone by! It seems crazy that there is one week until the first due date of money is! This process of having two due dates means that not all of the money can come in last minute so that can seem stressful but God is in control and I know that He has all of the prepartations already planned out, God provides. 

    It has been awesome getting to know the girls on the team. It's really starting to feel like we are all becomining good friends. We have started to hang out one on one and it is a really great idea in order to get to know everyone better so that we can go into this trip with a solid bond! 

    Thanks to everyone who has been praying for everyone on the team! We really appreciate it!  We all know how important prayer is and how much God works through prayer. So we are so very grateful for your prayers and support. As well, a huge thank you to all who have found it able to finacially support either myself or the team! We cannot go without your finacial support so we really do thank you!


    Rachael Smith 

  • This past week leading up to Valenitne's day my team had a bake sale. We all worked together and baked A LOT of cookies and cupcakes. It was a lot of fun baking and it was fun getting to know everyone. Then throughout the week we sold the baked goods and everyone seemed to love them a lot which was great! As well, throughout the week we also sold crush's (the soda pop) for you crush...get it it's a pun, how clever, along with hand made valenitne's day cards were sold! This fundraiser was a lot of fun!

    I can't wait for the future fuundraiers!

  • So there is 80 days until I head off on this wonderful adventure. It’s getting to the point where all I am is excitedly scared! I get waves of remembering that I am so lucky that God has called me to go to Zambia and I get so giddy when I remember that but then I also remember how little time I have to raise so much money to go as well as so little time to prepare to go which is the scary part! 


    Our team has been doing weekly meetings for a while now which has been such a blessing to get to know the girls on this team! We have been sharing our testimonies with each other to practice for when we are there while at the same time it is awesome to get to know everyone on the team so much more and much more deeply. The team also got together this past weekend to bake cookies and cupcakes to sell at our valentine’s week fundraiser. This was a lot of fun just haggling out with the girls for a little bit and having some unorganized (as in not a meeting) fun with them and just get to know them more!  


    Thanks for all of your support and love already! 

    Please feel to donate as much as you want, any amount, big or small, is a help and God will use any amount of money! I would also really appreciate your prayers please! I believe preyer can do so much and can therefore do so much for this team! 


    Thank you for coming along side me in this journey! 


    With love,

    Rachael Smith 

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