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  • Welcome

    Welcome to, Tyndale’s portal that makes it easy for you to make a difference.

    We know that students come to Tyndale with passions and interests, and that those passions and interests are often further developed, or new passions emerge during their time at Tyndale. There are many who have not studied at Tyndale who are also passionate about what Tyndale is doing and involved in. This site makes it possible to do something, to share those passions with your friends and support projects that make Tyndale what it is. It’s that simple.

    Here is how it works. Matt heard about this site from his friend Jessica who gave up coffee for a month and donated the money she would have spent to support a project. Matt likes the work we do and wants to do more. He loves cycling so he decides to help us raise money on his bike. To expand his efforts he signs up and creates a fundraising page which allows him to set a goal, blog about his ride and tell his friends. Then Jenny goes to Matt’s page, likes the cause and decides to share it on Facebook. George sees Jenny’s post and decides to donate. Soon there is a whole community of people on Matt’s page all helping out by sharing, donating and helping Tyndale grow.

    No matter who you are your support can make an impact.

    And that’s how it works. A group of passionate Tyndale supporters – students, alumni, friends - all creating and spreading the news about projects and helping ensure they happen.

    I invite you to explore this site and if you see something you like, do something.

Kevin Kirk's Pages

  • Tyndale Bursary Fund 2014-2015

    Project Goal: $26,000.00 CAD
    Funds Raised: $17,783.00 CAD
    Target Date: Apr 30, 2015

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