Mid-March Update

One of the prints and the cast of "The Wait-List Files"

One of the prints and the cast of "The Wait-List Files"

Hi everyone!
I've been feeling so blessed lately for everything that's been happening this month and just wanted to update everyone on what's happening, both in my life and in this mission opportunity.

In my life, Saturday, March 18th was the final day of the showing of the play "The Wait-List Files". I was a part of this play as a couple of minor characters, but it was so fun to get on stage and just be ridiculous for a few weeks. The play was a huge success and thank you to anyone who was able to come out. The cast and I had so much fun performing.

As for what's on go with this mission opportunity, you're in for a treat. On March 30th, as far as I'm aware, there is a Mission's Showcase occurring at Tyndale. Team Japan and I have been super busy preparing for the event, and we've got lots of awesome things to sell at our booth. Since you're so kind as to read this blog, I'll tell you a couple of the things we're selling: Many, many types of cookies, as well as some prints of photographs I took while in Japan two years ago. I'll be posting an update of all the things we'll be selling, and if you can't get to Tyndale but really want something from the table, feel free to shoot me a message. The Team and I may be able to work something out for you. As for the people around Tyndale, please come to the school on March 30th! Mission's Showcase is my favorite part of the school community and I'm so excited to see what the other teams are showcasing.

I want to thank you again for partnering with the team and I for this amazing opportunity. We're all working so hard for this mission, and each one of us is so excited to share Christ in Japan. We're all so grateful you're partnering with us on this trip, in any way. Prayers are always welcome, and that is so needed for the mission we're going to be joining. Thank you so much. Also, if you're curious about anything from Deanna or Jessica, I've got their pages linked below. 



P.S. I'm the one in the blonde wig on the far left in the photo. Surprise!

Jessica's page -> https://engage.tyndale.ca/fundraiser.aspx?asset=1062

Deanna's Page ->








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