On a coffee tour in Guatemala!

On a coffee tour in Guatemala!

This morning, my facebook "memories" reminded me of a year ago today when God provided over double my goal at my Guatemala Fundraiser for last year's trip! I was reminded of God's faithfulness and His love for His people! Memories are so special.

Today I looked on this fundraising page and saw that I had $620 left on my total, and I thought, whoa, thats nothing when seeing how God can provide, and how He has provided. Then I got two notifications, and within less than an hour, I was $20 from being fully funded!! 

Words escape me for how thankful I am for all of the prayers, support and love that has been sent my way! Each of you have blown me away with your donations. *If you are still wanting to donate, don't hesitate because our TEAM still has money to raise, so there is still use for your donations for Guatemala!*

Thank you for supporting me and my family through our challenges, and encouraging us all! God is faithful. God is good. 

To His Glory,
Becki Leyenaar

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