And so it begins!

Team Ireland

Team Ireland

We have one week.
7 days.  
168 hours.
A couple ten thousand minutes. 

That is how long we have left on this side of the globe. As a team, we have started to reach a huge new level of excitement and joy as we prepare and pack, and repack a couple times. With our excitement building and the days growing shorter we, as a team wanted to share our thrills and worries about the upcoming adventure God is sending us on.

As things began to unfold way back in the beginning of our second semester, our team sat around a board room table and spoke about our fears about where we were going and what we would actually be doing. So, as the days got shorter and the time to leave grew closer we decided it was time to share a little more with those who have supported us and some ways in which you can continue to support! 

Firstly, we want to thank you for your prayers – they have meant so much to us these last couple months. They have gotten us through hard days and extremely hard moments as we prepare. Since the beginning, we have experienced sickness, distant as a team (literal), and financial troubles. It is through your prayers that we have gotten through. Through all of this, we have grown as a team, leaning on each other and God as we have not only gotten to know each other more but also learned more about God’s plan for Ireland. Knowing the importance of prayer, we, as a team have written down some of our prayer requests and ask that you join us in prayer as we continue to prepare and go.


Prayer for:

 - all anxieties and worries as we travel into a new culture and atmosphere that none of us have experienced before.

-  remaining in tune with God. As we go into a new adventure, we want to keep our focus and eyes on God, although there will be new twists and turns trying to pulling us away.

- for relationships, between our team members, our kids at camp, and all of our coworkers.


These are things that we put on our prayer list and we ask that you add it to yours as well. We are believing and waiting for a great movement from God and we are all so excited to be apart of this. With a week left, our next post will come from the other side of the world and we hope that you stay tuned and keep up with us as we share what profound work God has placed us in Ireland to be a part of!


Blessings and joy until next time,
Team Leader - Kelsey

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