Thank you!

Thank you! 90% was raised for the 16/17 academic year.

Thank you! 90% was raised for the 16/17 academic year.

We are grateful for the faithful support of hundreds of alumni, churches and friends who collectively raised $1,617,200 for the Tyndale Fund. Tyndale alumni and friends acted generously and prayerfully. Every dollar provides an educational opportunity that a student otherwise may not have experienced.

You watched our progress as we moved towards our financial goal. You may be asking what happens when there is a gap in meeting the total funding need, like this year? The answer is simple. We manage expenses very carefully and defer certain projects until a time we can afford them. But this past year, the critical needs of providing the unique Tyndale experience were met.

We have much to celebrate! We are grateful to God for you. Thank you for journeying with us as we prepare a new generation of Christian leaders to think critically and serve faithfully as they follow God’s call on their lives.

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  • The Greatest Needs (2016/2017)

    Funds Raised: $50.00 CAD
    Target Date: Apr 30, 2017