The beginning and the fun!

We arrived in Dublin Ireland on July 15th after a long but safe flight from Toronto Pearson airport, we took off from the runway at 7:00 AM and landed in Dublin at 6:30 in the morning due to the time change. Upon landing we gathered our luggage and then meet Meorvyn, the camp director and supervisor at the facility we will be working at for the next few weeks. Although for him it was only the early morning we all were quite exhausted and slept in the van all the way up to our camp in Durrow, except for Kyle, who sat in the front seat and had the will power to keep himself awake to talk to the driver. 


The area we are staying at is located in the southern parts of the Republic of Ireland and is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills, thick and rich forests, a few mountains and lots of history. The family we are staying at has shown the four of us nothing but kindness and hospitality, we have been blessed with amazing food, lots or tea and even more good memories we will keep forever. The camp we are working at is in a small town called Lacca, we are going through a curriculum about Moses and the deliverance of the Hebrews, and the theme for the week is about 'secret agents'. We sing with the kids, play games, build crafts, tell stories and most importantly try and share the love of Jesus that we have come to live for with the amazing kids we have met. As a team we have become better friends and work well together, we have begun bible studies as a small group every few nights and go on walks, hang out and just enjoy each others company after our work is done in the evening. If you find the time, please continue to pray for us as a team, we have felt the power of your prayers this far and can only ask that you remember us as we continue to work in Ireland. 


Written by: James P, 2017

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